Family garden with something for all ages to enjoy.

From a flat rectangle of turf to a unique family garden, with space for both adults and kids. Two large patio areas give ample space for entertaining and to follow the sun around the garden throughout the day. The lawn is enveloped by raised timber beds to add interest, balance and a geometric theme to the garden.

Many of the raised timber beds we created were designed to  double as seating, especially near the raised patio. This is a great way of maximising space in a garden, especially when entertaining, as you don’t need extra chairs! As the planting matures the fence will be obscured and softened by lush sub-tropical foliage and vibrant flowers. The stone chippings help to keep this garden low maintenance and also really help to visually enhance the planting as a background feature. The area behind the garage was a previously unusable damp slope, so we designed a separate kids play area with their own steps that rise through a timber raised bed entrance. They have a playhouse up there and they love it!

We also designed and built the front garden. It was transformed from a turf slope to a granite wall terraced, sub-tropical welcome… a fantastic entrance to a great family home!